Watch That ’70s Show Season 2 Episode 20 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 120,678 votes

Release: 1998 / That '70s Show / Season 2 / Episode 20

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Synopsis: Watch That ’70s Show Season 2 Episode 20 online free. In That ’70s Show Season 2 Episode 20 Putlocker Full Episodes, Kelso's heart is now for Jackie alone, but Laurie still insists he must keep dating her in secret. When she realizes he's serious this time, she manages to make him kiss her 'one last time' just when Jackie can see them. Fez is unsympathetic because he's still jealous, Hyde just because it's his evil nature. Eric has other worries: while parking the car after their date he accidentally killed Donna's beloved old cat Mr. Bonkers, and by the time Red who always hated the animal and taunts him together with Laurie, and Kitty who advises to take a gift, convince him in the morning to confess, he has already lied about it, thus leaving her worry all night, now even the cute kitten he brought her isn't accepted as peace-offering. Fez can't start hunting Jackie because he gets appendicitis, the anesthetic gives him erotic visions.