Watch That ’70s Show Season 5 Episode 9 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 120,678 votes

Release: 1998 / That '70s Show / Season 5 / Episode 9

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Synopsis: Watch That ’70s Show Season 5 Episode 9 online free. In That ’70s Show Season 5 Episode 9 Putlocker Full Episodes, The news Jackie's dad councilman Burkhart had to resign after embezzlement charges convinces Kelso she'll soon be running back to home for a comforting shoulder, as Steven's remains as cold as his heart. 'Perfect couple' Eric and Donna finds they disagree whether the way to go is closeness or giving space, and asking the equally divided Forman parents only causes another menopause-crisis... Fez enjoys bossy boss Nina giving him a stern lesson in fingerprints-taking, but the ink leaves its black mark on her and a part of him he normally only touches, a lot... Kelso has dug up his pallet gun from his garden, which was buried after he accidentally killed -till now oblivious- Eric's hamster; now Hyde's taunting coincides with another involuntary shot, and the fiend -who constantly punches his poor pall's arm black and blue- pretends to be hit in the deceptively patched eye till Michael, who fears to have shot 'accidentally on purpose', hands it over penitentially for undeserved corporal punishment aimed at the beaut-boy's butt...