Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 1 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 282 votes

Release: 1996 / Wind at My Back / Season 4 / Episode 1



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Synopsis: Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 1 online free. In Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 1 Putlocker Full Episodes, Max and the boys are excited as Honey is well enough to accept visitors and they plan to visit her at the sanatorium in Gravenhurst. Newly independent Toppy, who has just bought a house, is attracting the attention of Archie. Although she supports her soon to be ex-daughter-in-law, May can only publicly support Toppy so much because of her blood ties to Bob. And Grace is also showing some independence in spending a week alone at the cabin at Bass Lake. Jim and Pritchard coincidentally are also spending the week at the lake, about which Grace is quietly excited. Even though she knows she and Jim have nothing in common, she is attracted to him, but she receives more attention from her crush, the junior Flett, Pritchard. The threesome's time at the lake faces some challenges because of the difference between Jim and Grace, but also because of two escaped convicts, including Mr. Sainsbury, who has a personal vendetta against the Baileys. Jim and Grace come to a new quiet understanding and respect for each other after their time at the lake.