Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 6 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 282 votes

Release: 1996 / Wind at My Back / Season 4 / Episode 6



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Synopsis: Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 6 online free. In Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 6 Putlocker Full Episodes, Toppy accompanies Grace to Lillian Day's traveling gospel revival show. Lillian is an evangelist and faith healer, and Grace is there to interview her for her radio show. Before Grace can get her interview, Lillian runs off. Lillian had just had a major breakdown in faith when she saw her manager, Hiram Beecher, pay someone who she thought she had just healed. Lillian manages to make her way to New Bedford, where, obviously distraught, she runs into Fat, who out of compassion offers to put her up. But she doesn't tell him who she is, and as such, Fat believes she has amnesia. As she can't stay at the hotel due to the Cramp's strict policy, Max decides that Toppy and Grace's house would be the most appropriate place for the mysterious stranger. When Lillian arrives at the house, Grace and Toppy don't recognize her since she is out of costume. However, once a major news release is issued regarding a reward for the return of Lillian Day, Grace knows who her new house-guest is. Lillian confesses and tells the group her story. They know they have to protect Lillian from Hiram until Lillian decides what she needs to do. However, Callie also puts two and two together and drawn to the reward money, turns Lillian over to Hiram. Hiram threatens Lillian: if she dissolves their business arrangement, he will expose her as a fraud with a plethora of paid "healed" people to support his story. But Grace has a plan to let Lillian tell her story to the world, let Hiram take the fall, and still allow Lillian to devote her life in a meaningful way to her faith. Meanwhile, Grace and May have an argument over who is best to handle Grace's financial affairs.