Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 8 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 282 votes

Release: 1996 / Wind at My Back / Season 4 / Episode 8



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Synopsis: Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 8 online free. In Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 8 Putlocker Full Episodes, Del returns to New Bedford. His stay is uncertain as he left his assembly line job in Windsor, which he hated, with possible thoughts of going west to Vancouver. The two people in New Bedford closest to him, Max and Grace, have mixed feelings about his return. Max wishes that he could get settled and be stable in his life, but after an initial brush-off, decides to let his brother stay with him. Grace, not having heard from Del since he left over a year ago, says that she has moved on with her life, but she obviously still has feelings for him as he does for her. She admits to Toppy that those feeling are primarily of a sexual nature, to which Toppy responds that that can only get one so far in a relationship. One other relationship Del strengthens is with Fat, who he sees a lot like himself at that age: the underdog. Del mentors Fat in boxing, with Del's emphasis on "fighting", while Max dotes on the star boxer, Hub. Based on Del's coaching, Fat's style is more street boxing which gets him disqualified in the regional boxing finals. Angry at what he sees as his unfair treatment and the special treatment given to Hub, Fat needs to take his anger out on his brother. With Del and Grace, Del sees that Grace and Jim have a mutual attraction and shows his jealousy. Del ultimately tells Grace that he loves her, but she knows, and convinces him, that it is not love but going back to what feels comfortable in his life, especially at this time of uncertainty. The "sirens" she felt for him are no longer there, and Del decides to leave New Bedford. Meanwhile, Hub is facing his own relationship triangle. He likes Laura, but feels guilty about abandoning Alice - his friend and one of the few real friendships she has - in her time of need.